Playground Equipment

Playgrounds should encourage kids to play outdoors, engage their imaginations, and bring children of all abilities together to play.

We believe all kids deserve outdoor playing opportunities.

Our playground products lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors, engaging their imaginations and bringing children of all abilities together to play.

Sports and Fitness

It’s not just any playground–it adds a level of fitness to kick playtime–and exercise–up a notch!

Our fitness playgrounds are designed for outdoor parks and playgrounds where people of any ability can challenge their physical fitness and work toward improving their health from head to toe.

Inclusive Playground Equipment

We design inclusive playground environments that welcome all children and their families, regardless of age or ability to grow, learn, and play.

Accessibility isn’t enough. An accessible ramp to help a child onto playground equipment doesn’t mean their play experience is enhanced. It also doesn’t mean it accommodates for children with sensory needs or other developmental issues.

Inclusive playground equipment may include:

  • Multi-sensory play experiences
  • Great accessibility to equipment
  • Support for children on the autism spectrum
  • Social and solitary play
  • and more!

Themed + Custom Playgrounds

Looking for a themed or custom playground? The customization of your playground is as wide as your imagination allows!

We work with you and your unique vision and goals for the perfect playground. Castles? Check. Sports? Check. Music? We got that, too!

Nature-Inspired Playgrounds

Our nature-inspired playgrounds are a natural fit when it comes to planning outdoor play spaces. We combine the adventure and wonder of nature with the durability, safety, and low maintenance of high-quality play equipment. We work with you to blend your new playground into its surrounding environment—making your outdoor play space a place where children and families keep coming back to.

School Playgrounds

Recess just got a WHOLE lot more fun! Our school playgrounds include balancing, climbing. sliding, and more. Students ages 5 to 12 navigate their way over, around, and through our school playgrounds for a fun and safe outdoor play experience.

Freestanding Playgrounds

Our freestanding commercial playgrounds pack more play and challenge into your playground!

From zip lined for playgrounds to playground slides, net climbers, swings and more, freestanding playground equipment adds fun and excitement to new or existing playgrounds!

Playground Climbers

Net playgrounds push children beyond their comfort zones and into a world of interconnected cables where there’s no right or wrong way. They can create their own path through a complex of multi-leveled, webbed nets. Climb to the top, swing from rope to rope, perch on one of the landings, or jump from one to the next. Connect crazy spinners, overhead events, slides, and bridges to make sure kids get a full dose of fun and healthy development. With safety built in, net playgrounds help kids develop their confidence, risk-management skills, and their muscles!

Shane Steinhoff - CPSI
Shane Steinhoff - CPSI

CEO & Recreation Consultant

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