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Whether it’s fitness playgrounds or splashpads, Outdoor Recreation Products has a variety of products to make your attraction¬†the place to (safely) be!

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Playground Equipment

Playgrounds should encourage kids to play outdoors, engage their imaginations, and bring children of all abilities together to play. We offer a wide range of playground equipment ideal for children of all ages and abilities that helps foster the lifelong habit of remaining physically active.

Fitness Playgrounds

Fitness playgrounds are a unique type of playground that encourages children to be problem solvers and smart thinkers, as well as physically challenging to keep kids healthy from head to toe.

Splash Pads

Make a literal splash with community splashpads! Kids (and adults!) of all ages and abilities can enjoy all-ages play, ground sprays, slides, and much more!

Site Furnishings

Now that you have the playground, you need a space for the extra fun! Create the full experience with site furnishings like tables, benches, trash receptacles, planters, grills, bike racks, and SO much more!

Safety Surfacing

Who needs scratchy mulch when a more permanent, longer lasting option is available? Whether it’s poured in place surfacing or tiled or turf, we have the right surface for your outdoor recreation in a variety of colors to choose from!

Shade + Shelters

Some outdoor recreation equipment isn’t naturally sheltered by trees. That’s where our shades come in to play! We can also help you create beautiful shelters, too.

Athletic Equipment

Replacing an existing basketball court? Perhaps your baseball field needs a new backstop? Whether it’s baseball, basketball, soccer, or other outdoor recreation equipment, we can help you create it!

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